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Re-seeding the organic for the common life

26min | Presented by Anna Krohn

This presentation looks to the wisdom of three popes to inspire Catholics in their co-responsibility for the mission of Christ's Church. Anna emphasises the role that each baptised person can play, using the charisms they have been gifted with and to see the connectedness between faith and life.
Anna has a particular focus on the role of women of faith in the professional and faith community sector. She works as a researcher, consultant, educator and writer in the areas of pastoral theology, healthcare and workplace ethics, professional formation and spirituality. She is the general president of the Catholic Women’s League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga and convenor of the Anima Women’s Network and is chair of the Mary Glowrey Museum and a member of the Australian Catholic Bishops Council for Marriage, Family and Life. Anna has studied in fine and liberal arts, information science and is a graduate in theology.
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