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Rural and remote community ministry

21 min | Presented by Sr Elizabeth Young RSM

This presentation looks at the realities of pastoral ministry in rural and remote life, and considers how we provide care for our distant communities. Ministries within these places reinforce and strengthen a sense of community that, at its best, models the Reign of God among us. Yet there are also unique challenges and fine lines to be navigated in order to be caring, authentic, professional and sustainable. Sr Elizabeth shares experiences and reflections about ministry beyond our cities - sources of inspiration and hopes for the future.
Sr Elizabeth belongs to the Sisters of Mercy and has worked in rural and remote ministry in Australia. Her roles have included youth ministry coordinator and pastoral work in prisons, detention centres, Aboriginal communities, nursing homes and parish settings. She is now a diocesan pastoral worker and chaplain to the Catholic high school. Sr Elizabeth holds an undergraduate degree in Circus Arts, a Bachelor of Theology, a Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning and a Master of Theology (Coursework).
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