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50min | Presented by Clara Geoghegan.

This presentation explores the responsibility of each of the baptised to go out into the world—to be on mission—to evangelise. Clara emphasises the importance of discerning our vocation and how we might do this. Clara interviews three Catholics who have witnessed to the faith, using their Spirit given charisms.
Clara Geoghegan is the Executive Secretary for two Bishops Commissions – Evangelisation, Laity and Ministry and also Life, Family and Public Engagement. Clara introduced the work of the Catherine of Siena Institute to Australia and has taught spiritual gift discernment workshops (Called and Gifted) for almost 20 years. Clara has been actively engaged in evangelisation across many dioceses and schools in Australia. Fundamental to this work in evangelisation is the desire to assist every baptised Catholic to discern and live out their vocation. Clara is passionate about the mission of the laity and the co-responsibility of the ordained and the laity in the mission of the Church. Clara has published on Caroline Chisholm as a prophetic model for the mission of the laity and taught Church History and Spirituality at Catholic Theological College.
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