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“I have called you friends” (John 15:15): Youth ministry post-COVID

36min | Presented by Qwayne Guevara

Following two years of lockdowns, young people are experiencing the effects of uncertainty and isolation. This presentation highlights the need for community, but what does that look like today and how does it impact the way in which we invite young people to view and engage with faith, life, and Church?
Qwayne is the manager of Catholic Youth in the Diocese of Parramatta. She founded The Hustle Society; a warehouse space featuring a basketball court and common areas for gathering, is Co-Owner of Young Lions Café, and is a leader of Embers Basketball; a women’s ministry. Previously she worked in advocacy and law. Qwayne holds a Master of Laws in Dispute Resolution and is studying a Graduate Diploma of Theology at The University of Notre Dame.
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