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Growing in Holiness Through Family Life

6min   |   Presented by John Shay

In this presentation, John Shay reflects upon what holiness is, and how children can grow in holiness through the way that they interact with their parents and siblings. He discusses simple ways children can practice respect, kindness and forgiveness at home.

Growing in Holiness Through Family Life
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John Shay is an accredited Family Life Educator, with 13 years of experience. He is the Director of Natural Fertility Service Queensland, and lives in the Diocese of Cairns. John is also a trainer for the Australian Council of Natural Family Planning, and is the Chairman of Fertility Education Australia. John has a diverse background of life experiences which he likes to use to bring life to whatever topic he is presenting. John is an experienced communicator, having spent seven years leading teams on missions around the world, including India, Poland, Lithuania and Ghana. John holds a Masters in Theology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Welfare, a GradCert in Management, and a Certificate III in Discipleship training. However, John believes his greatest credential is his family – he is married to Mikaela and the proud father of seven: John (13), Daniel (11), Stephanie (9), Sarah (7), Joshua (5), Jessica (2) and baby on the way.

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