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God Made You to be Good News to the World

14min   |   Presented by Luke and Carrie McCormack

Parents of six, Luke and Carrie McCormack reflect upon the Good News that we are called to be and to share with others. By sharing some of their own personal experiences, they demonstrate how God, the author of life, has a plan for each one of us.

God Made You to be Good News to the World
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Luke and Carrie were both raised in Melbourne and met in 1997. Carrie completed a Podiatry degree and practised for two years before embarking on youth ministry with NET ministries and onto marriage and children. She worked on National Evangelisation Teams in 2001 and on staff in 2003. In 2010, Carrie founded Mother Effect, which heralds the good news of family with a focus on the first five years of motherhood. Luke has a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Theology, a Graduate Diploma of Education, and is currently studying a Masters in Philanthropy and Not-For-Profits Studies. Luke volunteered with the National Evangelisation Teams in 2001 in Brisbane, continuing as a staff member until 2007. For the last 13 years Luke has worked with the National Civic Council and Australian Family Association and its magazine, News Weekly. Luke and Carrie married in 2004, and together have six children. They are members of the Emmanuel Community, Brisbane. Luke and Carrie are graduates from Encounter School of Ministry and are teachers at the Encounter School of Ministry Brisbane Campus.

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